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How to Come Home and Decompress After a Hard Day

Career Mom's Guide to Sanity by Lizzie Weakley

For busy moms who attempt to juggle caring for their children and a busy career, it can be easy to have long days that are exhausting. Many women arrive home feeling stressed and burnt out due to their responsibilities both at the workplace and in their household. If you want to relax and decompress after a hard day at work, there are a few important steps to take to unwind.


Meditating is an effective way to clear your mind and allow both your body and mind to relax. You can put on soothing music that is tranquil when you want to clear your head and avoid worrying about different parts of your life. Take deep breaths and allow each part of your body to relax while sitting in a comfortable position. Medication can improve your concentration, boost your happiness, and allow you to become more self-aware, according to

Sit By the Fire

On cold nights when you want to enjoy being in the comfort of your home, consider lighting a fire with a wood stove that will make your living room or bedroom feel inviting. Consider having a glass of wine by the fire where you’ll stay warm and can read a book or watch television when you want to treat yourself.

There are a variety of different styles of stoves that are available, making it easy to select a product that complements the decor and style of your interior setting.

Soak in a Hot Tub

According to Aqua Rec, a company that specializes in hot tubs in Woodville, one of the best ways to come home and relax is to spend some time in a hot tub. This will help your body and unwind after a long days work. It is a great way to truly destress if you enjoy the comforts that a hot tub can provide.

Unplug From Technology

It can be easy to hop on social media once you get home from work, but unplugging from technology can give your eyes a rest after staring at the computer all day. Turn off your phone and close your computer to give yourself a chance to read a good magazine or make conversation with your spouse. Unplugging from technology will also allow you to spend more time with your kids and can make it easy to enjoy hobbies that don’t revolve around electronics.

Sit in Silence

Giving yourself time to unwind and require you to sit in silence while you need to decompress, according to Turn off the radio and television and allow yourself to soak up the silence. Avoid picking up the phone and turn it on silent as you change out of your work clothes and into something more comfortable.

Play with Your Dogs

According to, it’s important to spend time playing fetch in the backyard or taking your four-legged friend on a walk to boost your mood and take a break from your busy lifestyle. Research shows that owning a pet can reduce stress hormones and blood pressure in the body, making it necessary to adopt a new friend that will be waiting for you when you get home. Just sitting on the couch cuddled up with your pet can also offer plenty of comfort after the rough day that you’ve had.

As a career mom, there are ways to take a break from your busy lifestyle when you need a breather. With the right steps taken, you can regroup at home and enjoy your time off as you prepare for the next day.

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