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5 Signs You Gave Birth To A #GirlBoss

Ever since the release of Nasty Gal CEO Sophia Amoruso’s first book, “GirlBoss” the term and hashtag has literally taken over every social media platform you can think of. But for us, being a GirlBoss isn’t just about being the best at your work, it’s a mentality that we as women have embraced and use to empower ourselves in our daily lives. GirlBoss doesn’t mean you are bossy, it means you are leader who knows what she deserves and won’t settle for anything less!

Being the amazing millennial mama you are, you’ve probably passed a few of these GirlBoss qualities to your little one:


She doesn’t take no for an answer

Now I’m not saying your baby boss doesn’t know how to listen, I’m just saying she always needs a full explanation as to why the answer is no. Just telling her no is not good enough. Better have a good reason on deck mom!


She’s good all by herself

Your babygirl being able to play by herself – even when other kids are around – is not a bad thing. In fact, many parents wish their kids would entertain themselves a little more. According developmental pediatrician Maria Luisa Escolar, M.D, solo play encourages independence, self-confidence, creativity, and language skills. Sounds like a GirlBoss to me!


She has no fear

We all tend to have less fears as children, and some kids will take more risks than others. But there is a huge difference between a reckless child and an adventurous one! If your daughter has a knack for taking risks but still seems to weigh out the pros and cons beforehand, she is showing signs of a future entrepreneur. Get ready mom.

She’s knows how to play nice

Playing nice with others is something every parent tries to teach their kids – I hope. Some kids have a hard time learning how to play with new friends, while others seem to ease right into without any trouble. If your princess understands how to share, is a good listener and handles losing gracefully, you’ve got a future leader on your hands. Good work mama.

She’s definitely opinionated

Some people take the word “opinionated” as a nice way of saying “bossy” and can come across as a negative quality to some. But having a child who likes to speak her mind isn’t necessarily a bad thing – plus it can be very entertaining lol. Understanding when to take action and speak up is a sign of leadership, not bossiness. A take-charge kid can inspire other kids and also help them become more aware of their actions. As long as babygirl isn’t being rude or mean, you encourage her to have an opinion!

Think you raised a GirlBoss? We’d love to hear more about her! Send us your story to [email protected]

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Nicky Dawkins

Nicky is crunchy, DIY mama and established entrepreneur based in sunny Miami, FL. She is the founder of HypeGirls and Werk it Moms LLC. Nicky also launched PERIOD.org's Miami Chapter - PERIOD Miami. She has a love for feminine health and is currently a Doula (DT) under Mama Glow. Nicky holds a Bachelor's Degree in Communications from Florida International University and a Master's of Science Degree in Entertainment Business from Full Sail University. To contact Nicky email her directly via [email protected]

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