Chandra Maharaj Swimwear is Coming to shopHYPE for Summer

Summer is just around the corner and we couldn’t be more excited to have designer Chandra Maharaj coming to shopHYPE!

Chandra Maharaj Chandra Maharaj

I first got word of Chandra when she made a purchase from shopHYPE back when we first launched it 3 years ago. She reached out to me about partnering up on a photoshoot – and the original pictures from that very shoot are actually included in this post!

I connected with her spirit instantly and I enjoyed working with her so much that I became a repeat client. I can honestly say the quality of her pieces are AMAZING. Made in her home country of Brazil, each design is crafted to hug your curves without squeezing your skin – I really hate that. Also, they don’t slip and fall out of place – nothing worse than having your boobs fly out when you get out of the water at the beach.

Chandra Maharaj Swimwear

I’ve found that Chandra’s pieces seem to make ALL body types look sexy, whether you are super curvy or super skinny. My Chandra Maharaj swimsuits have seen me through my skinny pre-baby days to my chubby post-baby days, and I still fit and look great in them. These bikinis are built to last, and I love that many of the styles can be mixed and matched so you never get bored. I have two bikinis from her that I have worn 6  different ways – how cool is that?

So you can see why having her swimwear as the first emerging designer in shopHYPE is a dream come true. 🙂

Chandra Maharaj Ocean

You can find Chandra Maharaj Swimwear in shopHYPE June 1st 2016. Pieces are limited and no longer in production, so be sure to check back so you don’t miss out!

Chandra Maharaj Designs

Born in Brazil and raised in Trinidad, Chandra Maharaj has always been exposed to the vibrancy of life, inspired the magic of culture and intrigued by the beauty of nature. She combined both of her degrees in Fashion and Business to create what is now known as Chandra Maharaj Designs. Drawing inspiration from her travels, mythology and the people of this world, Chandra has managed to thrive in her niche market with designs that are timeless.

Chandra Maharaj Swimwear hits the shop June 1, 2016. 🙂

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