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Seriously!! Here’s the scoop on the ever-so popular sunglasses everyone is wearing from your favorite celebs to that uber cute girl you keep eying every Saturday at your favorite nightclub! Eyepster was born in Miami in 2010 according to company’s website, it couldn’t be anymore perfect with Miami being abused by the Sun regularly and all. We know you’re thinking “what makes these sunglasses any different than anything you’ve already seen?” Once you see them its pretty apparent, these beauties come with a range of designs on the lenses from trippy colorful smoke to pop-art masterpieces to your very own declaration of how sexy you are!

These beauties have been on our minds for a long time and we finally got our hands on them thanks to Jeremy

My Personal Fave! Aren't they cute? Mustache Party SunGlasses

Andre, owner of Eyepster. Not only do these sunglasses really look great on everyone but they really are durable, they’re water-proof and scratch-proof so no worries about your favorite creation becoming faint or easily coming off. The ink used to create the designs are free of VOC or Volatile Organic Compounds. Here’s the big concern most people have, “Will I be able to see properly out of these sunglasses?”

The answer…ABSOLUTELY! We put them to the test, even in the darkness of a nightclub you can see as clear as day. These sunglasses are a real attention getter and conversation starter, I couldn’t make it to the bathroom without being stop at least three times. Eyepster is available for all occasions too from graduations to birthdays even wedding parties get in on the fun. If for some reason you can’t connect with any of the uber sweet designs Eyepster already has available they are open to special request if you hurry now you can grab one from their Halloween Sale from gruesome zombie eyes to bat infested lenses the possibilities are endless.

We, here at HypeWorld rank Eyepster Sunglasses as a Class Act! A!

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