Do Women Want “It” As Much Men?

Lust, passion and the declaration that one is entitled to a fulfilling sexual experience, for men this comes easy (no pun intended) but for women this stigma continues to pose a problem. Society has told us that if we indulge in intercourse for the sole purpose of pleasure as oppose to love we have now moved our status from lady to …. well, you know. However, as women we are entitled to satisfy our urges and not be ashamed of it.

The subject then moves to the question of your libido.Men are convinced that a woman’s libido is lower than their own, this is false, in a study done conducted in 2005 by Dr David Delvin it was concluded that women are now more then ever more “open about sex,” but it just takes time for us to learn how to properly enjoy it. So is the real problem a woman’s libido? In some cases this could be true but in most cases women are not enjoying sex because of their partner. RELAX MEN. No one is criticizing your performance but we are doubting the connection.

MEN HEED THE WARNING: FAKING IT IS EASY AND MOST WOMEN HAVE DONE IT. Don’t shoot the messenger, please let’s not pretend like this is news. All the noise is a clear sign that the connection is not there but don’t go getting all negative and angry not all women need to feel a connection in order to enjoy the show. The women that insist on feeling a deep connection to their partner in order to have a successful sexual experience are the ones who we’ve previously mentioned, need to learn how. Most of the problem is analytical. Society hasn’t always embraced a woman who is self-assured enough to place herself first. The birth of “independent woman” has nothing to do with sexual empowerment, so ladies don’t go thanking Destiny’s Child just yet.  The “independent woman” is educationally, occupationally and financially secure enough to buy herself anything she desires. The keyword is “buy” focusing on materialistic needs, this does not lend itself to the carnal satisfaction that as animals we humans desire.

For my independent ladies out there how far does your independence go? Are you secure enough with yourself to accept that you are not any less of a lady for making sure that your needs are met and that society’s view of women is completely irrelevant when it comes to what works for you? Ladies, if your insecurities are depriving you of living a happy, healthy and well-rounded life we want to know so we can tell you that you are beautiful and you deserve the crème de la crème.

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Macielle Betances

Public Relations and Events Coordinator

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