Foods That Are Good For Your Voice

Anyone that sings, at some point, experiences a scratchy voice, vocal strain or even laryngitis. When it comes to foods that are good for your voice and that will help you maintain a healthy vocal chords, it is pretty short compared to the list of the bad!

For the most part, hydrated vocal chords are healthy vocal chords. When we sing, our vocal chords vibrate at a very high speed. When you have dry vocal chords, they can become easily irritated while vibrating. This can cause an artist to have discomfort or even pain when singing!

The foods discussed below promote the grow of strong and healthy voices, as well as protect our voice from harmful bacteria and disease.

Bee Land Natural Honey


Often overlooked, honey actually contains natural antibiotic properties that will keep your vocal chords healthier. There are many different types of honey and each can serve a different purpose. Some honeys are higher in sugar than others and should be used less often. When it comes to maintaining a healthy voice for singing, I prefer to use a Manuka or darker Avocado honey with a decaffeinated tea or just some hot water.

Watermelon Hydrates Vocals


Watermelon, as the name suggests, is high in water and is a great fruit to maintain hydration while feeding your hunger as well.

Good For Your Voice

Dark Greens & Orange Foods 

Carrots, cantaloupe, oranges, sweet orange peppers as well as dark greens such as kale, spinach are excellent voice friendly foods! These fruits and veggies are all high in vitamin A and C – Vitamin A will help cells regenerate while vitamin C helps to improve immune functions. This makes it easier for the body to fight off common infections thta can affect the way you sing – such as a sore throat.

Good For Your Voice


Although water is clearly not a food, it makes the list because water is the absolute best voice-friendly “food” for your voice. Water not only hydrates your body and frees it from toxins, but it hydrates your vocal chords as well.

It’s important to understand that water goes down your esophagus into your stomach, not down the opening that leads to your vocal cords and trachea. So the only way water affects your cords is by being carried to them through the bloodstream.

***TIP: Before you hit the stage, have some warm water to drink or even hot tea – as long as it is decaffeinated! This will soothe you chords and relax your throat muscles and tissues. This will prevent you for having vocal damage during your show and over time.

Stayed tuned for more blogs on keeping your voice healthy coming soon to 😉

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