Get Your Glow This Summer With These DIY Hair Masks

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  • Coconut Milk Hair Mask for Damaged Hair
  • Banana Honey Hair Mask for Frizzy Hair
  • Raw Honey Hair Mask for Dry Hair

Whoop whoop! Summer is in full effect, and if you’re like me, you may already be experiencing hair issues from the season’s adventures.

With all the time and money we spend caring for our hair, it can get frustrating for it to all go down the drain thanks to sweat, salty water and sun damage.

Long days at the beach are always fun, but they can leave your hair looking not-so-summer fresh. Blah.

There a few ways you can prevent damage to your hair this summer. First off, protect your hair! If you are going to spend the day outside, use a hair thermal protector or natural sunscreen like Argan Oil or Coconut Oil. If you are making a trip to the pool, always rinse off your locks with clean water before diving in. This keeps the pool chemicals from reacting to the product chemicals you may have used in your hair so you don’t get the dreaded “green hair” look. Finally, a great way to keep your hair in check this summer is to use natural hair masks you can make yourself at home every week. Hence this article 🙂

Whether you are experiencing dry hair, frizzy hair or damaged hair – there is a all natural remedy hair mask for it! I’ve put together three hair masks that help with the most common summer hair issues. Try these DIY hair masks to keep your hair strong, soft and looking good all season long!

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