How to Feng Shui Your Toddler’s Room

Zen out your kid with these easy tips

Let’s face it, the energy brought forth by children is absolutely insane, explosive and vibrant! And this energy spills over into everything, including your child’s bedroom. But sometimes all of these beloved traits can make your kid’s room feel overwhelming, cluttered and chaotic. Ugh.

Just a few months ago, my family moved into a smaller rental because we felt like we had too much space. Anddd we wanted to save money to buy a house. Duh.

We also gave up our home office space for co-working spaces, officially giving Nas his very own room. He has been sharing a bedroom with us since he was born, which is what we wanted. 

When we finally moved, the feng shui vibes kicked in. We purged, we rearranged, we saged – the works.

In the end, we were left with several beautifully curated spaces in our new home. But even though I LOVED the new place and thoroughly enjoyed cleansing our all the junk, I still felt like my son’s room was not quite right. It is a small space, but it had no flow to it. He wasn’t sleeping through the night and he wouldn’t stay in his room alone for very long. It was like he just didn’t want to be in there. Even though we had removed the bulk of his baby clutter, his space still felt like him – crazzzy.

After taking some time to think about what direction to go, it dawned on me that I had never thought to apply the same feng shui tips to his bedroom.

I immediately took the project on and revamped my son’s room to be brighter, more organized and more spacious. I paid close attention to colors, placement of furniture and to items I was using to decorate his space. I switched out his dark wood baby furniture for fresh white, more functional pieces. I added plants and more color, removed the curtains. So far, the results have been amazing! So naturally, I gots to share it with you mama 🙂

Wall decals and artwork stand out best on a light colored background.

By applying a few simple feng shui tips to your child’s space, you can provide them relief from this busy energy and bring them a lasting sense of joy and peace.

The main goal of feng shui in your children’s rooms is to create a healthy, loving and safe environment. It is not so much a focus on the actual decor style you choose, it is more about the energy, colors, and flow of the space. When you create your child’s room with feng shui in mind it serves as both physical and emotional support during the journey of your child’s growth.

Try these quick tips to feng shui your toddler’s room, no matter the size:

Clear the clutter:

Children’s bedrooms generally need a good amount of free, open space in order to thrive. This gives them room to play and also makes it less likely for them to hurt themselves. This rule is especially true for toddlers who tend to get into everything! A cluttered, disorganized space gives them more chances to trip, fall or get stuck.

To start, place the furniture with space in mind, and avoid bunching big pieces together, if possible. More importantly, make sure the door opening is free from blockage and never put your child’s bed on the same wall as the door. Try and put higher furniture in corners, such as bookshelf or storage wardrobes. And if you can, keep the bed a decent distance from any windows.

You will need to create a clear organization system for your child’s room, period. This means taking advantage of good storage solutions like stylish baskets, decorated boxes, colorful bins and other cool storage options. Ikea, Target, and Homegoods are all excellent places to look. I’ve personally found a lot of cool (and cheap) kid’s room storage stuff at Ross and Marshall’s.

Make sure to involve your children in the process so they can learn and help you with the clutter clearing efforts, not only in their rooms but throughout the house, too. By creating a consistent clutter clearing system, you avoid chaos and low energy.


Give the room some fresh air

I removed the curtains to help me remember to open the windows daily.

Children have a constant influx of toys, books, clothes, electronics, cartoons – you name it. Having fresh, quality air is a must for good feng shui! Make sure your kid’s room has good ventilation and open the windows often.

If your child doesn’t have a lot of allergies, consider adding an air-purifying plant or two to add some natural beauty and help maintain healthy air levels in the room. Bamboo palm and Peace Lily plants are both air purifying, low maintenance and look beautiful!

Another one of my favorite feng shui things for kids’ rooms is an essential oil aromatherapy diffuser. This has saved my toddler (ME)!!! Whenever your child feels moody or restless, add some drops of kid-safe (I repeat KID SAFE) lavender or chamomile oil to calm them down. If your he or she is feeling sick or sleepy, wake them up with some peppermint or lemongrass oil. Just make sure whatever kid-friendly essential oils you use are properly diluted and not over dropped.


Choose your colors and your art wisely

How to Feng Shui a Kids Room
Nas loves Bob Marley, and big animals!

For me, color in a room is everything. It completely sets the tone and mood of the space as soon as you set foot in it. Using good feng shui colors and textures in a child’s room strengthens their energy and make them feel happier. Just remember to be flexible with your need to have your child’s room match the overall decor scheme of your entire house! Everything does not have to match to be feng shui.

When it comes to kids’ rooms, we typically think things should be very colorful but, we subconsciously genderize our color choices based on sex. Just because you have a daughter doesn’t mean you are limited to only pink and purples! And boys are not limited to blues and reds. Ask your kid what colors and patterns they like and implement them into the room through accessories, bedding, and other decors. My son loves big animals and has a thing for red, green and Bob Marley – so a reggae jungle theme was pretty appropriate for him. 

Please don’t forget about the walls! Wall decals are AWESOME, and they are easy to remove if you change your mind.  You can find many varieties online to fit any kid’s style. I came across some amazing glow-in-the-dark wall decals that I used to create a night sky for my son. He falls asleep much easier now that he has the moon and stars to look at.

How to Feng Shui a Kids Room
Under $20 dollars! Covered the entire ceiling 🙂

You can also have your child choose photos or artwork they like and add it to their room in a creative way. You use choose to use picture frames, cloth canvas or maybe you prefer a more casual look. I have found that a “collage” style works best for my son’s room because he can constantly add his artwork from school to it each week. I also love the hanging photos idea. And of course, it is totally feng shui to place your child’s artwork throughout your home too 🙂

How to Feng Shui

Just relax Mama

If you are having trouble choosing feng shui colors and cures, don’t worry it will come. Your child’s temperament and personality will help you choose the right vibes for their room. Just try and pick the right feng shui for their personality. For example, if you have a child that is a bit unruly (like mine) having a good sized photo of parents in the room is a subtle feng shui solutions that will calm their energy. If your child tends to feel shy or sensitive, try using artwork with big open horizons and warm, reassuring colors. 

Just follow these basic guidelines and soon you will have an amazing feng shui toddler room! Don’t forget to share your feng shui room photos with me on Instagram @hypegirls 🙂

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