HSI Thermal Protection made with Argan Oil

I know a lot of ladies that wonder: “Do I really need to use a thermal protection spray on my hair?” My response to that would have to be YES!

In my opinion, our hair is one of our best accessories in the beauty department. Even though we act like we don’t care about having mom hair, deep down we want our hair to look good! So why not take just a little more of your time to protect it? We all know once something goes wrong with our hair we are going to have a major bitch fit.

Using a heat protection spray adds moisture to your hair, preventing the natural moisture to evaporate. It also forms a protective barrier over the cuticle on the hair strand, preventing heat damage and enabling your hair to keep its high shine. I’ve used my fair share of thermal protector spray from bands such as TREsemme, CHI and Garnier but none of then gave me full satisfaction as HSI Professional Argan Oil Thermal Protector.

I used this product for the first time this past weekend, and I decided to conduct a little experiment. I used the spray on the right side of my hair and not the left side, and then straightened both sides to see my results.

Right side was straighten with HSI Argan Oil Thermal Protector, the left was straighten without: 

Thermal Protection

I was super happy with how the right side of my hair came out! So naturally, I went back and redid the left side of my hair with the spray. My hair has never NEVER straighten this fast, and the smell is incredible the minute the flat iron touch my hair the smell perfumed my entire room.

I also notice that I only had to pass the flat iron through my hair twice for it to be fully straight, as oppose to my left side which I had to do it several times – and it still stayed a little wavy. The frizz that I usually have after doing my hair was much less and I couldn’t believe the SHINE! I usually hate putting oils on my hair because I don’t like the greasy look, but my hair looked shiny and healthy. My ends did not have that after burn feel, they just felt amazingly soft.

I had never used Argan Oil in my hair before, so I did some research to see why I had such great results. Here are some pros of using Argan Oil” on your hair:

  • Helps eliminate dandruff and dry scalp.
  • Helps reduce frizz, repairs split ends, treats dry and brittle hair.
  • Treats hair loss.
  • Define curls or straight hair.
  • Acts like a sun protector. 
  • Gives hair a shinier look. 

So the next time you’re considering using a thermal or heat protectant spray, think of how great my hair looked after using the HSI Argan Oil Thermal Protection spray!

Before using HSI Argan Oil Thermal Protector Spray:


Straightened with HSI Argan Oil Thermal Protector spray:

This product is a Mommy must! Make sure you check out the HSI Professional website for more great products and follow them on Instagram @hsiprofessional

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