I Signed Up For a Hair Care Subscription :-)

As some of you who read this blog may already know, I have been using the HSI Professional Argan Oil hair line on my natural hair for the past 3 weeks, and I have to say I’ve been super happy with the results so far. I’m a coily, kinky-haired girl, and there are not many hair products out there that work from me. But I can honestly say that the HSI Argan oil products have not only kept my afro super moisturized, but it actually helps my coils to stay stretched out longer. For those of you with my hair type, you know that is huge! Stretched coils means less tangles, and less tangles mean less breakage – the main issue that keeps black hair from gaining length.

So naturally, when HSI reached out and asked me to review their brand new CareBox hair care subscription I was like, where do I sign up?

hair care subscription

First off, I have to say, presentation wise, the CareBox is beautiful! It comes in a gorgeous bright red box with a cute quote inside the lid – “I love bad hair days – said no one ever”.  I also love the fun hair salon icon pattern on it and it is super thick – can definitely be reused to store your hair care things.

So what is it?

The HSI Professional CareBox is a personalized hair care subscription service. The box is made of up five top HSI hair products, and you can receive the entire line every one, two or three months for one low price – $64.99 for the small and $79.99 for the large. Oh and did I mention you can update and cancel at any time? It’s a pretty sweet deal and saves you quite a bit of money.

What makes it personalized?

Products are available in different sizes and frequency is determined by the length of your hair. If you are like me and have short hair or don’t wash your hair as often, then receiving a small size CareBox every three months would work just fine. But if I had longer hair and went swimming everyday and needed frequent treatments, then the once a month, large size CareBox would fit my hair’s needs.

Let’s take a look at what’s inside the box:



Smoothing Shampoo – Available in 8oz or 32oz

Because of my hair type, I don’t like to shampoo my hair too often. But this Argan Oil shampoo actually doesn’t make my hair dry out – something I always look for in a shampoo. I’m able to wash my hair more frequently with it, and I especially like to use it after I go swimming.

This shampoo is enriched with precious and nourishing Argan oil  and after every wash your hair will feel super clean, free of any residue, and really smooth to the touch.

Smoothing Conditioner – Available in 8oz or 32oz

The smoothing conditioner is of course a part of the bundle and had become one of my favorite conditioners. Also made with Argan oil, this conditioner works well alone or mix with the shampoo as a co-wash – which helps your hair keep in even more moisture. Leaves hair super moisturized without the weight. Expect lots of bounce!

Thermal Protector – Available in 2oz or 8oz

This is my holy grail. The thermal protector is at the top of my list of hair care products even though I don’t straighten my natural hair often. This Argan oil thermal protector spray works well on your own hair or extensions, keeping the hair safe from heat.  I live in Miami, so my thermal spray actually doubles as a sunscreen for my hair. Believe it or not, the sun can be just as damaging to your hair over time as heat styling. To use, just spritz it generously from roots to tips and your hair will be totally safe and shielded from intense heat, will stay hydrated and frizz-free, and your styling time will be reduced to half.

Leave-In Treatment – Available in 4oz only

I have been using this leave-in treatment daily for some time now, it is super light and gives my hair a healthy sheen and soft touch. This treatment contains a lot of essential nutrients and leaves behind an incredible shine and no grease or residue! Also makes a great base moisturizer for twists and braids as it helps the hair to stretch. I’ve noticed a lot less tangles in my hair since I’ve starting using it – just a tip for my fellow coily-haired girls out there. Unfortunately this is the only item in the CareBox that comes in one size, but hopefully bigger bottles are in the future!

Smoothing Mask – Available in 8oz or 16oz

I have only used the smoothing mask one time, but I was pleased with the results. This treatment is designed to help repair your hair if it is damaged or dry. I wasn’t sure how this product was going to work for my hair type but it actually left it detangle and soft. I recommend following up this treatment with the Leave-In Argan oil treatment mentioned above for the best results. But generally it seems to be a great product for all hair types!

Apart from the actual products themselves, here are my top CareBox pros:

You can pick your bottle sizes

You can choose a bundle that’s right for your hair

You can change or cancel it anytime

Saves you money

Bad hair days just got a little bit easier! HSI Professional CareBox makes a great gift and is available online now 🙂



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