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Beat the Heat with HSI Argan Oil Thermal Protector

Let’s face it. As women, we tend to abuse our hair. We dye, heat it, cut it and often don’t treat it as good as we should be. I’ve personally made it a point to start using more natural products on my hair, but I still style it with a flat iron sometimes. We damage our hair in many ways, but the worst type of hair damage comes from heat.

Many women mistakenly assume heat protection products are only necessary if you use a hair straightener. Uh no girl.

If you also use a curling iron or choose to blow-dry, you should be using a thermal protector when you do. Investing in a heat protection product is necessary for the health of your hair – particularly if yours is chemically treated as it is already damaged.

I have natural, coily thick hair. For me to straighten it, it takes A LOT of heat and many passes with the flat iron. So, finding the right protector was a must for me!  I recently came across a heat protector for natural hair and extensions – HSI Professional’s Argan Oil Thermal Protector. I was very pleased with my results the first time, so I decided to put together this review when I used it again.


What is it?

HSI Professional Argan Oil Thermal Protector is a smoothing anti-frizz heat protector for natural hair and extensions. Guarding your hair up to temperatures of 450 degrees, this product can handle the heat of pretty much any styling iron. Plus it’s made in the USA and never tested on animals. Yay!

Why do I need this anyway?

Unfortunately, as I stated earlier, heat styling isn’t really good for your hair – in fact it damages it every time. And if done improperly without a heat protectant, it can cause some pretty serious damage. Whether you choose to flat iron, curl or blow-dry your hair (blow drying is the WORST btw), you need a heat protectant!

Heat from styling appliances damages hair in a three ways. First, heat can weaken and destroy the proteins that hair is composed of. Second, heat can disrupt the natural oils in hair that help hold it together. Third, heat can dry out hair by boiling off internal moisture. Booooooooo

I think it is safe to say that most curly girls know about heat protectants and that using one will significantly lessen the damage from heat styling. And it doesn’t matter what your hair texture is, you still need to use a heat protectant because heat eliminates the moisture and oils. As a result, hair starts to become weak, unhealthy and frizzy.

img_3935    img_3940

How do I use it?

Super easy. Just unlock the spray bottle and spray onto clean wet or dry hair.In this review, I simply flat-ironed my afro. My hair was already dry, so I sprayed on just enough to dampen it a little bit. Then I just styled it as usual!

For me, working in sectioned parts is the best way. I prefer to start in the back and work my way forward straightening one section of hair at a time. As you can see, the thermal protector gave my hair a nice smooth texture leaving it static free and straight.

Like their flat irons (which are amazing), the quality of HSI’s thermal protectant is great. When applied this spray on hair, it protects the hair by hydrating. I also found it easier to comb through as spray helped to detangled my hair. In addition to providing heat protection, it makes the hair frizz free and super soft – not stiff like some of the heat protectors I’ve used in the past.

I never like to make my hair too straight because I like a little volume and “poofiness” to my hair – especially towards the front. But remember that your hair is protected up to 450 degrees with HSI’s thermal spray, so feel free to turn the heat up if your aiming for super straight hair.


Less breakage, more luster. Yasss Queen.


Here is a quick summary of its most valuable features:

  • Argan Oil is the main component
  • Absolute thermal heat protector
  • Best protection for natural hair and extensions
  • Reduces frizz
  • Creates silky hair
  • Keeps your the hair healthy and safe from the heat
  • Lockable nozzle

In a nutshell, outcome of the HSI heat protection spray is soft, shiny hair and a whole new level of #GirlBoss confidence! Be sure to visit HSI Professional online for even more products and amazing tutorials. 🙂


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