Body Cleansing Smoothie by Nubian Heritage

I’ve never heard of the beauty company Nubian Heritage prior to our #WeAllGrowMia event. As Nicky and myself  launching stuffing our faces (which the food was amazing especially for my pregnant ass) after our pop-up. I still dream about the cream cheese and guava pastries.

Nubian Heritage

One of the members of Nubian Heritage asked if we would take home some new simples for a test drive. Of course as women Nicky and myself jumped at the offer. Nubian Heritage was the “Brainchild” of two vendors from New York. With no jobs fresh out of college Rich and Nyema proceeded on a mission to create a luxurious products. Using all natural and organic ingredients they based their products on traditional African recipes.

Nubian Heritage

My favorite product happens to be the Coconut & Papaya Body Cleansing Smoothie which is used for polishing and renewing the skin. The key to using the Body Cleansing Smoothie is to massage the Coconut and Papaya cream all over your body, then after a few minutes rinse well with warm water for the best results. You will love how soft, hydrated and clean your skin will feel! And the best part is that the smell isn’t overwhelming, it’s the perfect amount of scent to last you a couple of hours.


FYI my favorite time to use this Nubian Heritage product is at night time, could be because I am a little OCD and it’s just something about that squeaky clean feeling.

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