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HYPE Health: Foods and Drinks That Are Killing You

We all know what they are, but we continue to intoxicate our bodies with these harmful foods and beverages every single day. We only have one life to live, we should all understand the importance of taking care of our bodies or at least controlling what we put into them. Trust us, your bodies will thank you later. Besides, if you were to drop all the “bad foods” listed below, you could lose those few extra pounds you’ve always wanted! Check out the foods and drinks that are poisoning your body, below.

1. Soda: Regular or Diet, soda should be the very last thing on your list to drink. Soda is one of the worst things you can pollute your body with. As stated in Shape, soda is filled with empty calories and are full of tons of sugar that add unwanted weight to your body. It may taste good but do you really enjoy the feeling it gives you afterwards?

2.Sugary Cereals: They are tasty and may feel like they’re not making you heavy, but there is so much sugar in cereals such as Cap’n Crunch, that they could potentially be the reason you can lose that extra pound or two that you’ve been trying to get rid of. Sugar turns into fat and if you’re not working out on a daily basis, these sugary cereals will definitely affect your body. Start your morning with something a little more healthy. Oatmeal and a fruit with egg whites is a great, filling substitute.

3. Fast Food: Okay, we all know about this one, but we just can’t seem to drive past that McDonald’s or Burger King that seems to be on every single block. Fast food is one of the worst things you can put into your body, simply because a lot of what fast food restaurants are feeding us aren’t 100% food. When you eat fast food, you are pretty much poisoning your body, and not only that, after eating fast food, you tend to feel sluggish and tired. Food is supposed to fuel your body, not poison it.

4. Greasy Fried Foods: Hard to stay away from right? French fries, chicken, pork chops, etc. Fried foods may have a mouth watering aroma and taste, but all of the grease that it involves to create these meals is harming your body severely. Grease does not get digested well and if you are constantly taking in greasy fried foods this can certainly take a huge toll on your health. Baked is just as good!

5. Starbucks:Starbucks has grown tremendously, especially with the constant paparazzi shots of all of the celebs with their Starbucks coffee cups. Starbucks does offer items that aren’t too bad, but those “Double chocolate chip mocha-everything” drinks are not a good way to start off your morning. They are equivalent to junk food. So instead of ordering your chocolatey goodness in the morning, try for green tea, regular coffee, strawberry smoothie, etc.

Remember, if you don’t care for you, no one else will! Stay healthy hype readers!

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