Hype Love & Life: She’s Just Not That Into You!

Last week we went over why chivalry has died. This week, we will be letting all of you men know when to just let it go and walk away and how to realize when ‘She’s just not that into you’.


She texts back one word responses…all the time. If the girl you’re trying to pursue never texts back anything but “Oh”, “okay”, “lol”, etc. She is not interested in holding a conversation with you. If she’s not interested in talking to you, she’s definitely not interested in dating you, so take the hint and say “Bye”.


She avoids seeing/hanging out with you. If you’ve been attempting to hang out with her for some time now, and she keeps stating that she’s too busy, too tired, studying, etc., it’s time to move on to the next one. She doesn’t want to hang out with you but she also doesn’t want to hurt your pride and your feelings. We know, you’re wondering, “Why can’t she just say that then?!” Well, because we’re women, and although we may not always be right, our intentions are to not hurt you.

She gives you the “best friend” treatment. Does she talk to you about other guys? Introduce you to her friends as her BFF? Tag you in pictures as her “bestie”? That’s exactly what you are. If a woman constantly refers to you as her best friend, she considers you as just her best friend. There’s some things women will just not tell a man… and if you find yourself knowing a little too much about all of her “lady likings”, you are definitely stationed in the “friend zone”!


She cares very little, or not at all about what other women you hang around. Even if we don’t want to admit it, ladies have a natural jealousy trait. If we want you, we will be a tad bit jealous if another lady is taking up most of your time. If you tell her you’re hanging out with another girl and she’s not at all worried about who that “other girl” is, then she is not interested in dating you. If  we want you, we may not “go crazy”, but we will ask “Oh, that’s cool…Who are you with?” (in our most innocent voice)


She contacts you for “strictly business”. If you met through school or work and at one point exchanged numbers, and all her messages refer to school or work and nothing else, she wants nothing other than a business relationship with you. She is not interested in dating you. No, she’s not using you. She’d just rather keep her business and personal life separate.


She blatantly says , “I’m just not that into you”. There’s a difference between playing “hard to get” and just not having any interest. If a woman says she’s not into you and just wants to remain friends, that is all she wants. If a woman has any type of interest in you, she will never push you to even consider her to be just a friend. She may play hard to get, but she will never tell you that she just wants to be friends with you. If a woman says that, respect her wishes and move on. If anything changes in the future, trust us…you will know.

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