The New Trend That Women Love, but Men Absolutely Hate!

Every once in a while, we women like to experiment and try out new styles. Hair, clothes, make-up…nails, we just like to change it up sometimes. A lot of the men are used to our constant need for change, but the latest trend that we’ve created, men our not so fond of.

Women just love them(well most of us, at least), and they’ve become one of the most popular trends yet! “Stiletto nails” have taken over. (You may know them as ‘Claw nails’, ‘Vampire nails’, etc.) Celebs such as Amber Rose, Rihanna, Fergie, Katy Perry, and even Adele have sported this new nail craze and probably have a lot to do with the “over-abundance” of “Cat Claws”(what a lot of men are calling them).

In speaking with a few men, one stated, “they remind me of cats, and those aren’t my favorite animals. I don’t want to date an animal anyways. Ladies, are already looked at as ‘being catty’, so why are they feeding into the image? I think it’s ugly and ignorant…and un-safe!”

Another man added, “If I see a woman with ‘Cat Claws’, I run the other way. That usually means she doesn’t have a REAL job, and doesn’t plan on getting one either. No professional environment wants to hire a girl with pointy a** finger nails. I don’t want a woman to take care of me but geez! If you’re not in the entertainment industry or any type of successful artist, you shouldn’t be rockin’ that s***”

HypeGirls is not knocking this new trend. We simply want to know your thoughts on the new nail trend. Are you for it or against it? Would you file down your “claws” just because your significant other finds it unattractive? Tell us!

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