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Lana Del Rey Releases Album ‘Born To Die’

There’s good news and bad news about Lana Del Rey, the hippie chick extracted from the sixties and placed in a bottle of of weighted funk rhythms and orchestral sweeps.

The bad news is that Lana Del Rey was pre-tty nervous on SNL, resulting in a not-so-great performance. Her efforts to liven things up resulted in a few pitchy stretches and aimless stage wandering. .

But now that the embarrassment of the show is passed, bring on the good news! Lana Del Rey released “Born to Die.” The album is a music time machine, illustrating sounds both vintage and futuristic. The harmonies are at times eerie, which is a perfect fit with the echoing backgrounds. Her lyrics are demandingly sexy and self aware. She manages to keep the album playful despite the constant fear of running out of time and reminders of mortality (Hint: the album title). She throws in a few flows here and there, but it sounds very Gwen Stefani-esque. It comes across more like seductive slam poetry than actual rap. There seems to be some edgy creativity in that pretty little head of hers. With some refining and a few more albums she might just have something spectacular. For now, “Born To Die” is a good listen.

Check out my favorite video so far from the album, the title track “Born to Die.”

Lana Del Rey – Born To Die

Jack White Goes Solo

He emerged on the scene into controversy as half of The White Stripes (is she his wife? Wait, she’s his sister??) Then bounced from The White Stripes to The Raconteurs and to The Dead Weather and back again. He worked on collaborations with everyone from Loretta Lynn to Insane Clown Posse.Lana Del Rey and Jack White

But through it all, no one could deny Jack White‘s talent. And it’s apparent that he has even more to share with the world.

White’s first solo album “Blunderbuss” is due for release this spring, by April 24 to be exact. Give a listen to the first single from the album “Love Interruption.”

Thank goodness his creativity is the hardest button to button. Tell us what you think of the new single!

Jack White – Love Interruption






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