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Immunizations Before Back to School or Nah?

Guest blog by Hannah Whittenly

Before the summer season ends and kids go back to school, you need to think about the requirements that are needed for your kindergartner. There are classroom essentials that include a book bag, a towel for nap time, crayons and pencils. Your child will also need immunizations before school begins. There are a few reasons as to why it’s important to get your child immunized before school begins, most of them relating to keeping your child and other students healthy while they are in school.

Abide By the Law

Most states require that children get certain immunizations before they are allowed to enter the public school system. If you decide not to adhere to these regulations, then your child likely won’t be able to attend a public school. When your child gets the immunizations that are required, you will receive a document that can be given to the school to show proof of the vaccines given and the date. Most schools give parents a few weeks after school starts to get the immunizations completed.

Keep Germs from the Classroom

When children go back to school, it seems like they all start to get sick. There are several students in a small classroom, and when germs begin to float around, it’s almost inevitable to keep everyone healthy. You can do your part to keep illnesses at bay by getting your child immunized at a primary care office. Most immunizations that you can get from clinics, like the Rural Health Services Consortium Inc, won’t do anything for the common cold or minor illnesses, but they can help to prevent chicken pox, measles and other illnesses that can affect the entire class.

Save the Life of Your Child

With vaccines for more illnesses being released each year, your child can be as safe as possible with proper immunizations. There are some diseases that once made children very sick and even killed children, such as measles, mumps, and rubella. These diseases are included in the vaccines that your child will be given before starting school. You will be keeping your child as healthy as possible, saving your child’s life if there is an outbreak of these diseases.

Save Money

When your kids are sick, you have to take time off of work to visit the doctor. You’ll have to pay for the doctor’s visit and any medications that are needed. If your child is sick and needs to stay out of school, then that means taking time off of work for a few days. Getting your child immunized can save you money because there is a lower risk of getting sick, which means that you won’t have to miss work or spend money on health care.

There are several benefits to immunizing your child. It only takes a few moments for the nurse or doctor to give the immunization that could save the life of your child and others in the school. Read about the vaccines before they are given so that you know what to expect from each one and how it protects your child.

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