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Creating the Perfect Work-Fitness Balance

by Guest Mom Blogger Emma Sturgis

A common reason people give for not exercising is that they can’t find the time for it. In addition, more
employees than ever will give work-life balance as one of the most desired perks from their jobs.

Fortunately, it is possible to find the time for work, family, and fitness in your everyday life. There are a
number of effective methods to do this, but here are three of the best.

Don’t Let Work Stress Get You Down

Work should be a major part of your life. However, keeping the amount of energy and time you devote
to it under control can be a real challenge. Seeing if you can work from home even some of the time can
be a big help in balancing your work and family life. The most extreme option, and sometimes the best
option, is to begin looking for a new job that will allow you to better balance your family and work life.
Finding a good work-life balance is an important element of staying healthy as well. Stress takes its toll
on your health by making it more difficult to sleep and increasing your blood pressure. Stress also makes you more likely to get sick. Exercise can help combat this somewhat, but it cannot entirely make up for a stressed lifestyle and a poor diet.

Exercise on the clock

Exercising at work is not as difficult as it may seem. There are plenty of exercises you can do at your
desk, such as stretching exercises. You might also choose to opt for a standing desk. Taking a walk during your lunch break is an excellent way to work some exercise into your workday. You can do this with a co-worker whose company is enjoyed and turn it into a regular meetup so you won’t be tempted to skip.

If it rains, you can always walk around inside the building. You can also seek out a job that simply
requires more physical activity, whether this means leaving your current company altogether or moving to a different role internally you might be better suited for anyway. How bad it is for your health to spend so much time seated at a desk all day has been well established.

Make a Family Fitness a Thing

You can spend quality time with your family while doing physical activity. This activity does not have to
be things your children might find boring, like walking. Biking, charity runs, dancing and all other
varieties of physical activity still count as exercise. Swimming is an excellent option because kids see it
as a very fun activity and it provides a good workout, particularly for muscles that are not utilized by
many common exercises. If anyone in your family doesn’t know how to swim, they can take lessons
from a swim school. Even in the winter, your family can go to local indoor pools once the outdoor ones

Playing sports is another good option because many children enjoy playing sports anyway.
Playing sports as a family, whether it’s tennis or football, makes sure you put aside some time to exercise and also ensures you get to spend regular quality time with your family.

Finding enough time for your work, your family and your exercise routine can be tough. Fortunately, it is doable by combining certain activities and excelling at time management. Encouraging your family to be fit as well instills in them healthy habits that will last a lifetime and keep them healthy. This is something all parents should want for their children, and it starts with you. Find ways to balance your work and family life while remaining fit, and you will truly have the best of all worlds.

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