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I Signed Up For Organic Tampon Delivery

and it's freakin' awesome

If you’ve been following me and my vagina journals lately then you’ve probably noticed I’ve been a major menstrual cup kick my past 2 cycles – I love it!

But I’m not gonna lie, sometimes I still have the urge to use tampons. Although I generally find that menstrual cups are pretty convenient, tampons do work well in between. Of course, I always wear panty liners in case I get a spill. And as a personal preference, I prefer to sleep with a pad during that time of the month.

Ok, I can’t lie. I didn’t really care if my pads and tampons organic or not. I wasn’t using them as often so I figured it was no big deal. But when I saw the option for an organic tampon at my local health store I was like, uh wait a minute. Do my menstrual products need to be organic too? I also came across a scary article on Huffington post that freaked me and my vag out.

You may not want to hear this ladies, but cotton products made in the US are almost all GMO, bleached and sprayed pretty heavily with pesticides. Yep, the same pads and tampons we use on our most sensitive area could have traces of pesticides or toxins. And anything consistently comes into contact with your skin gets right into your bloodstream.

Weed killer in your panties. Pretty serious stuff right?

In my panic for a healthier alternative, I came across Kali Boxes organically when I searched “organic tampons” on Google.  I was immediately intrigued not just by the product itself, but the overall message and mission of their brand.

Not only is this brand making feminine care safer, but one dollar from every purchase at Kali benefits the United Nations Girl Up movement, which supports UN programs promoting the health, safety and education and leadership of girls in developing countries. YASSS

Oh, and they have a kickass girl blog too, The Periodical. Amazing.

So naturally and reached out to them, and I was super excited when they sent me a sample to try. As you know, I like to get a full experience going with the product before I write a review. So I waited for my period to arrive ( yay…) and when she came through, I went Kali all the way.

What a great experience I had with these organic tampons and pads!

First, let me tell you about the service: Kali Boxes is a subscription service that delivers organic tampons, pads and other feminine essentials to your door each month. They offer a variety of packages, but the standard monthly box contains 14 organic tampons OR 16 organic pads (you pick the absorbency), 10 pantyliners, 10 Kali wipes, and one pampering products – which you can rotate by the way.

My Kali Box included: 6 regular organic tampons, 6 super organic tampons, 10 panty liners, 10 Kali wipes, and an aromatherapy mist to get me through the moody days.

Let me start by saying, the packaging is just gorgeous. As soon as you open the box, you feel the mission – you feel good! The message card, the affirmations, the history – it is beautiful and powerful. Goes to show that being a Kali Girl means more than just wearing organic tampons. It means you are a part of a badass girl movement!

And I loveee the organic tampons. I was a bit nervous about the paper applicator, but it worked just fine and the actual tampon was quite comfortable once inserted. For my period flow, the super absorbency tampons worked best and had little spills. The liners worked ok, but I personally prefer the liners that have wings so they don’t slide around. I did not receive any in this box, but they do have a thong panty liner option. Phew!

The feminine wipes were very nice, didn’t leave any residue and smelled fresh. And I love that they are individually wrapped – perfect for grab and go. And finally, I really enjoyed the aromatherapy mist! It was a refreshing mood booster, plus it made for a great facial toner.

All in all, if you are looking to switch over to organic pads or tampons I think Kali is a great company to go with. Depending on your needs, they have monthly and bi-monthly subscriptions starting at $16 per month with free shipping. The Kali Box I covered in this blog is around $23 per month.

You can mix and match your tampons, pads, liners and feminine wipes based on your flow. Kali Boxes also offers four different aromatherapy beauty products, so I recommend rotating your pick with your subscription. Their boxes arrive on the first of every month, so make sure you plan accordingly!

Give the menstrual cups a break and try out Kali 🙂

*This post was done in collaboration with Kali Boxes

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