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Power Of The P, Put to Good Use

Men. What to do with them? For some odd reason men boast about having their woman on lock down or having her on check because “she knows better,” like the man is suppose to be some golden oddity. In reality, we all know who actually has the control in the relationship.

Men like to pretend that they have some hidden secret that deserves to be named one of the seven wonders of the world. I been hearing about this a lot on the radio, how us women have the capability to manipulate any situation to go in our favor. I, for one have to agree. It’s all about knowing how and when to tap into it.

This isn’t to say that we, as women go into a situation planning to manipulate everyone and everything, yet there are those who do in fact do just that. Falling into this category will ultimately lead you into a debacle. However, there are always things that need our “adjustment.” In the relationship, the woman always has the upper hand. This is what leads us to the Power Of The P.

Men, you might think that you are in control and this is exactly what we want you to think, it makes it much easier for us to steer you in the right direction.  A real woman knows what her man needs in order for BOTH of them to be successful this is the main difference between the wife and the temp, for lack of a better word.

Ladies, let him be a man!! Don’t push him into things he doesn’t want to do. Pressure will give birth to resistance, he will reject anything that he feels you are obligating him to do. Instead, suggest the things that you as his lady know will benefit him. In suggesting, he will eventually begin to think it was his genius idea in the first place making him likely to carrying out your original suggestion.

A valuable lesson for the ladies: Never go into a relationship thinking that you can change a man. The man will only change when and if he wants to. No woman can change a man! Going into the relationship with this agenda will ruin both parties. When starting a relationship consider the entire package, if he’s a cheater be aware of the possibility that he will cheat again. If you are already in a long term commitment take a look at your beginning together and realize that the both of you have come a long way for the better. The problem arises when the changes have taken a turn for the worst then there is no purpose in continuing the relationship.

A valuable lesson for the gentlemen: I address the men as “gentlemen” because this is exactly what you should be! You were taught manners put them to use, when in doubt consider that one day you might be blessed with a daughter. When that day comes I’m pretty sure you wouldn’t want her to end up with a man like you. Be kind because karma does exist. Now, gentlemen change is good. You will change a million times in your life, try to make those changes positive and heartfelt. If your change is driven by a hunger that can only be settled by flesh, you will resort back to your old ways and end up alone. Make sure to stock up on the lotion!


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Macielle Betances

Public Relations and Events Coordinator

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