Stay Self-Absorbed With This Selfie Brush

The world of technology just keeps on giving.

Yes ladies, a way to beautify and take the perfect selfie – welcome the Selfie Brush iPhone 5 case! Just when I thought social media couldn’t get any more vain, the creators of The Wet Brush bring us this new tool to aid our world of self-obsession.

The Selfie Brush is designed for you to take the best selfie possible and keep your hair in check at the same damn time. No more worrying about how your hair looks before you snap a selfie. And forget searching for your phone when it rings while you’re brushing your hair, just turn it over and you are good to go. Just imagine all the valuable seconds you will save…..

Despite my sarcasm, I have to confess -The Selfie Brush is actually not a bad tool and can be handy. It’s just a tad bit narcissistic! However, it does have a few real perks. The brush’s long handle gives you some extension so you can actually fit more of your body into the frame. This is especially helpful if you are trying to take a group selfie and want to fit everyone in the photo. Plus, the brush allows you to fully access your phone and all its features without having to ever remove it which is very convenient. it also helps to keep your hand stable so there is little shaking. I’m not big of selfies but I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t enjoying using mine – shameful.


– Only 19.99 – not bad for a brush AND an iPhone case. You can also get the Wet Brush/Selfie Brush combo for just $26.99 – good deal!

– Removes the dreaded shaky hand syndrome

– Mirror is awesome and helps you find the best lighting

– Great for full body or group selfies


– Not compatible with the iPhone 6 models – yet. They are also working on Samsung Galaxy S4 & S5 cases.

– Only comes in 3 colors (Pink, Purple, Black) but I’d hope to see a greater variety of colors in the future

– You may look a bit crazy talking to your hair brush

– Purchasing this may just make you feel a bit a shame :-/ – lol oh well

Snag yourself a Selfie Brush on or you can find them at most Sally Beauty Supply stores and other vendors. They make a great gift people who really love to take selfies and they make a great gag gift too! In case you we wondering exactly how it works, check out the “Perfect Selfie” tutorial from their website below:


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