Photos You Post Too Much On Instagram

Oh Instagram, how your magnificent mind-altering filters have changed us so. Now even the most humblest of us have become at least a little self-absorbed and maybe even a little too open. And apparently, we are all photographers now. Now matter how much we try to be different, we all pretty much end up posting the same things! Are you guilty of posting these types of photos?

The Selfie

Ah the infamous “selfie” There’s nothing like a little self-love…that you share with everyone. Guilty!



I am definitely guilty of posting food all the time. I personally have a thing for food truck fish tacos.


The Gym

Ok, we get it – you workout! Well Aminah does anyway lol – I don’t post my yoga pics. Not guilty!


Your Nails

Aren’t they so pretty??? Logo artwork courtesy of The Nail Room in North Miami. Guilty!


Your Dog

People just can’t get enough of their pets, and I love sharing my Eskimo photos too. So guilty.



Blame it on the filter. I go for the spicy drinks like this Japaleno Margarita from Moonchine Lounge


Your feet at the beach

If you live by the beach then you are probably guilty of this too. Gotta love the beach feet!


Your Relationship

Love sweet love. I’m a private person, but sometimes I’m guilty of sharing some lovey-dovey pics!


Quotes, or any words in general

” ” Who doesn’t love quotes? I just prefer to keep the positive and motivating. Guilty as charged.


The Sky

I am addicted to posting views. Florida has the most beautiful skies, so I am always guilty here.


So how many of these Instagram types are you guilty of posting? 😉

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