Sunday Funday: Feel Pretty!

This week’s Sunday Funday is just a tad bit different from the rest. This week, it’s time to ‘pretty up’!


Sunday is the day we all go back to work, school, and so on, so let’s prepare and make our week a lot less stressful than it has to be!


Give yourself one of those facials we discussed in last week’s Sunday Funday, shave your legs, do those brows, pick out your outfits for the week ahead, wash your hair, etc. All of the things that you usually rush to do within the little time you have during the week, do them today so you can make your work week a bit more easy-going!

Sunday Funday

Try it! It works, trust us!


Enjoy your relaxing ‘Sunday Funday’s’ Hype readers! 😉


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