WTF: What The Fashion?! Fake Lashes Edition!

We covered this just a tad bit in the past but we think it’s time to re-address the issue!


Ladies, this week’s What The Fashion is dedicated to you and your fake lashes! This trend has certainly gotten out of hand. If they do not look natural, you should probably go for shorter ones.


Of course we all want that fuller, longer look with our lashes but for those of you who already have long lashes, mascara goes a long way if used correctly. And to those with short lashes that really desire that longer look, fake lashes are okay…to an extent.


When you reach the point where your lashes are passed your eyebrows, you have gone way to far.


Another issue with fake lashes is the upkeep. Lately, we’ve seen tons of females with lashes that are beginning to peel off or fall. If you cannot maintain your lashes, it’s probably not a good idea to get them.


Until next time Hype Fashion readers! 😉


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