Sunday Funday: UNPLUGGED!

It’s Sunday! Time to kick off your party shoes, relax, and rejuvenate! The past few weeks we’ve given you ways to indulge on yummy foods, but this week is all about finding inner peace.


This week, we’re giving you a Sunday Funday challenge! Our challenge for you is to run away from technology! Yes, that means after you’re done reading this article, close your laptop, shut off your computer, silence your cell, ignore emails, and even turn off the tv.

We challenge you to complete relaxation! Be honest, when’s the last time you’ve actually had a day where you haven’t sent texts, talked on the phone, watched a reality show, etc. It’s time to focus on you and relax not only to yourself, but WITH yourself. We never really giver ourselves that “one on one” time because we’re so busy worry about the next thing we have to get done. So do yourself a favor and “de-tech” yourself!

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