WTF: What The Fashion – Halloween Edition!

Halloween is here! The biggest day of the year where you can dress up horrifically, ridiculously, terrifying, etc. But has Halloween gone “too far”?


It seems as if the entire “costume concept” has bee thrown out the door. Ladies now arrive at costume parties with barely anything on. You can barely decipher whether they’re the entertainment for the party or if they’re a guest at the event.

There’s barely any ‘most creative’, ‘scariest’, ‘most unique’, costume contests anymore. Every Halloween party invitation usually now states, “sexiest costume wins all”. Sex sells, but come on!


It’s gone a bit too far, especially when you’re dressed as a sexy maid while taking a child trick or treating. Is that really what you want to teach the children?

This week’s ‘WTF’ is just a simple Halloween PSA. Ladies you do not have to wear your birthday suit to win best costume! Happy Halloween Hype Readers!

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