Sunday Funday:Need A Resolution

This Sunday Funday, it’s time to resolve some issues! The new year is quicly approaching, how ready are you!?


The time to make your list of resolutions is now! But we have put a little twist on the traditional “New Year’s Resolution” list.


Every year, we all make promises to ourselves that we are going to achieve all of our resolutions and change for the better. Most of the time, we usually fall off and end up achieving a half of one of the things that we wrote on our lists.

The problem? We all write lists of things we want to achieve that year but we never put a time frame on when we want to complete or achieve each goal.


‘My new years resolution is to lose 10 lbs’. Okay, great! But also write down what you plan on doing to achieve that goal, when you want to achieve that goal by, and what you plan on doing to keep your results.

The problem is we always know what we want to “resolve”, but we never come up with a plan to achieve, so it always falls to the waistside.


This year, have a plan and achieve! Good luck Hype Readers, and Happy New Year! 😉



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