Who Is Luke James?

It’s not very often that I hear a song that makes me stop and pay attention.

That’s a lie, it happens literally everyday. However, it is not quite as often that a song sends me into a holy-goodness-who-is-this-grab-the-phone-to-Shazam-it frenzy.

This morning I heard a song – no, a VOICE. It was the voice of Luke James.

His sound: incredible. Think Usher+John Legend+a mug of hot chocolate. His octaves: impressive. ┬áHis looks: ooh lala. His lyrics: well thought out, not just a string of “baby, I love you’s”. Lyrics such as “And now the funny thing about it/there’s no melody without it/I found music when I found you…” pull you in and hold you tight. His debut album, ‘Made to Love’ shows off his truth and his talent. One listen to the first single, ‘I Want You,’ and you’ll hear what I mean.

Luke James has written music for Britney Spears and Justin Bieber. He’s shared the video stage with Beyonce. He discovered his love for music honest growing up in New Orleans. Since his high school days he has been writing from his heart and grooming himself to perform. First as part of a small singing group in school, next as half of a background vocal duo for Tyrese, and then on to collaborating on songs for Chris Brown, Brandy and others. Finally, with his new album he’s ready to grace the world with his organic and refreshing abilities.

We know who you are, Luke James, and we’re listening! Check out ‘I Want You’.

Luke James – I Want You



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