WTF: What The Fashion?! – Men’s Edition

Every week  we’ve provided an easy understanding of what fashion disasters are taking place and why they should be put to rest. But every week, we’ve directed our attention to the ladies. This week we’re mixing things up a bit, we are talking to the dapper men and gents in training. We’ve composed a crash course of absolute “don’t s” to help you on your way, you’re welcome.

Socks and sandals. This has gotten out of hand, the confusion is real. Are you cold? Maybe you’re hot. Either way pick a team! This is the equivalent to ladies who wear short shorts and then pair it with an over grown hoodie. Please, just don’t. If your toes are the problem, get comfortable with idea of pedicures, its completely acceptable to stroll into a nail salon and pamper yourself, no one wants to play footsie’s with bunions.

Baggy anything. Okay, this is one that everyone has heard before but the offenses just continue to get disrespectful! The whole “I’m going to look fresh in this 5x white tee,” phenomena is ridiculous. Don’t get me started on the elaborate displays of underwear, we don’t care to see your under garments, they are called under garments for a reason! If you’re self-conscious about you’re physique, there’s also a solution to that, a great tailor can help you through, making your garments a perfect fit for you. P.S. There’s this fascinating new discovery called a “belt” when worn correctly it keeps your pants on, especially when they fit! Amazing, isn’t it?

Tank tops. Wearing basic tank tops in public is not cool. However, if you must do so gents please be sure you’re going or coming from the gym or doing yard work. Oh, we’ll admire you, while you work on yourself and/or getting handy around the house but for a night out leave the tanks at home.

This last one should go without saying: Dirty, wrinkled or damaged garments. If you’ve got a hole in your shirt, your pants are wrinkled and your shoes are dirty beyond recognition then you’re a walking hazard. Toss the shirt, clean the shoes —if at all possible– and iron your pants! Then we might be able to work with you. Ironing sucks, but there are some really great steamers out there just check your nearest “Bed, Bath and Beyond.” Wrinkles, give off a messy and lazy feel to your image, dirty garments are just nasty and damaged goods just make you seem cheap.

Gentlemen, you don’t always have to buy a new wardrobe to be stylish, the basics will always keep you in the clear without breaking the bank. Hopefully, this crash course will send you on your way to taking pride in your appearance! Ladies you are safe…for now at least.

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Macielle Betances

Public Relations and Events Coordinator

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