WTF: What The Fashion?! Cashin’ Out?!

This week’s ‘WTF’ goes along with our  ‘Where’s the class?’ motto. We dedicate this one to the ladies and the fellas because it has gone both ways, unfortunately.


Ladies and Gentlemen, it is not attractive to take pictures of your “cash flow” and post it all over the Internet.


Laying on a bed full of money, money hanging out of your pocket, money hanging out of your bra, money in a bucket, etc. NOT cute! Not to mention, you never know who’s watching and knows where you are.


We do live in a crazy world, and all one person has to see is you flashing your cash all over social media and you’re cashed out.


Besides, think of who you’re attracting anyways. Do you want your “significant other” to be attracted to you because of the cash you had in your Facebook photo?


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