WTF: What The Fashion?! – Waxed!

Ladies, ladies, ladies…it’s time for us to get it together. We’ve noticed that a lot of you have been slipping on the “grooming” portion of your lives and it is not attractive. WTF?


As women, let’s face it…it takes us longer to get ready to go out because we have more things we must do. Style our hair, make up, outfits, SHAVE. Yes, we said it.


Ladies, it’s important to remember that although everything else may look on point, you still have to keep it together by taking care of those pits, legs, and eyebrows.

Do NOT wear a sleeveless shirt if you have not taken care of those armpits, and do not show off your legs if you look like you’re wearing leg warmers without anything on. And of course, if your eyebrows aren’t up to par, men might not say they do, but they DO in fact notice.

As women we must take care of ourselves and keep ourselves up…not just for men, but for ourselves. Don’t you get a little boost of confidence when you know your legs are smooth and you’re eyebrows are looking right?!

Wax on…wax off! 😉

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