6 Baby Beach Tips To Keep You Cool And Sane

Happy Labor Day weekend! As the end of summer nears, we are all trying to get in that last trip to the beach. While the beach is always a good idea, it can also be a pain when you are bringing along your little ones. Safety is usually the number one concern, but I think keeping your sanity while out there is just as important!

Here are some quick baby beach tips to help you keep it cool and sane:

Baby Beach Tips
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Ditch the diaper bag and roll up to the beach

Let’s be realistic mom. If you plan on taking babies and toddlers out for a beach day, packing light is not happening. Along with carrying or holding the hand of your actual child, you will probably have a cooler, a beach bag, umbrellas, chairs and who knows.  A great beach luggage item is one of those kiddie wagons made of plastic. Your jogging stroller could work as well, but could end up getting a bit sandy. You may end up looking like your going camping for a week, but let there be no shame in your mom game!

Baby Beach Tips
Canopy kiddie pools are great! you can find this one at Bed Bath & Beyond (don’t forget your 20% off coupon!)

Contain the crawlers

The thought of your little one wondering off on the beach can be nerve-racking! Also, sand can be pretty be mess, especially if you baby is still putting everything in his mouth. Playing in the sand can but a lot of fun for some babies, but the more you can contain the mess (and your baby) the better. A great way to keep your baby in a safe area is to use an small inflatable pool. This way your baby can enjoy the beach, but stay clean and contained. Another way you can create a clean container is to take a fitted bed sheet, turn it upside down and place some heavy items in the corners to keep it extended.

Make your own pouch blends with the Infantino Squeeze Station - found on Amazon
Make your own pouch blends with the Infantino Squeeze Station – found on Amazon

Freeze snacks and water bottles

May seem like a no brainer, but this baby beach tip is often overlooked by many moms. Water is essential in the heat, and freezing a few before the trip will help keep them ice cold. If you have a baby that is eating solids, freeze a couple food pouches the night before. Not only will this help them to stay fresh, but they will be nice and slushy for baby once they warm up on the beach.

popup tent
Try this Redmond Beach Baby Pop-Up Shade Super Dome from BuyBuy Baby

Consider getting a pop up tent – or least some umbrellas

Shade is very necessary when you are taking a baby to the beach. Babies can burn easy and get hotter faster than we do, so having a place for them to cool off is important. Beach umbrellas usually do the trick if you aren’t planning on being on the sand all day long. If you are, a small popup tent is a great idea.  These tents great for naps because you don’t have to worry about your little one getting into the sand. This will give you baby a nice cool and cozy place to go when she gets tired.

Fan bottles help create a nice cool breeze. Find these at Wlagreens
Fan bottles help create a nice cool breeze. Find these at Wlagreens

Keep your sunscreen, cool washcloths and a spray bottle in the cooler

One of my favorite beach baby beach tricks is to keep sunscreen in the cooler – both my own and my baby’s. It is best to put it in the cooler after you first apply it to your baby. Whenever it comes time to reapply, the sunscreen will feel nice cool on your baby’s skin. To help keep your little one’s temperature down, make sure you keep some cool washcloths on hand. I like to dampen and freeze them over night, then place them in the cooler right before the trip. Another great way to create some cool breeze is to bring a spray bottle filled with water. Just make sure you place these items back in the cooler each time so they don’t get sandy!

Get the Sand Away mesh beach bags for less on eBay!
Get the Sand Away mesh beach bags for less than 6 bucks on eBay!

Mesh bags are key

Mesh bag are a major key when it comes to beachin’ it with you baby. If you live in a beach area, most Walgreens or CVS will have mesh beach bags in their store. Target also carries a variety mesh beach bags. I found mine for 5.99 on eBay. If you can’t find one, using a mesh laundry bag will do the trick. Sand will naturally fall from a mesh bag, so using them for toys or dirty beachwear is perfect. A great idea is to place your baby bag items into large Ziploc bags and then throw them into your mesh bag. At the end of you trip you can throw out the Ziplocs and leave the sand at the beach where it belongs!

Good luck millennial mama!

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