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Are You Drinking Enough Water?

Are you drinking enough water? We’ve all heard it before, drinking water is an important for your health. Many people do not prioritize the consumption of water as they should. As you should already know, if you don’t drink enough water, you will die. While we can live for as long as three weeks without food, we can only survive a few days without water, maybe a week tops.

By the time you experience the sensation of thirst, your body is already dehydrated. Most of us will spend our whole day dehydrated without even knowing. Without enough water, our bodies cannot perform effectively, so it is important to drink water even if you don’t feel thirsty.

Currently, there are many different opinions on how much water you should intake everyday. The health authorities commonly recommend eight 8-ounce glasses, which equals about 2 liters, or half a gallon. This is called the 8×8 rule and is very easy to remember.

Here are some health benefits of drinking water:

1) Flushes out waste and bad bacteria. Without water our digestive system doesn’t function properly. We flush out waste in the form of urine, so it’s important to drink enough water to keep elimination of waste regular. 

2) Helps you lose weight. Often when we think we are hungry, we are really just thirsty. Staying hydrated serves as an appetite suppressant and will help with overall weight loss. 

3) Prevents colon, bladder and breast cancer. Studies have shown that staying hydrated with water – not juice or other beverages – can reduce the risk of certain types of cancers by up to 50%

4) Makes you happy! Just like not having enough to eat, not getting enough water can make you super cranky and confused! Drinking water will help improve your mood and brain function.

5) Reduces joint and muscle pain. If you suffer for any type of joint or muscles pain including arthritis, drinking water will keep your cartilage soft and hydrated.

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*For those of you who have trouble drinking water, try infusing it with your favorite fruits for a bit of flavor and added detoxification. There are several amazing infused water recipes right here on the blog!

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