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HypeGirls Wins Best Health Blogger 2017

Thank you for your support!

Hey Mamas!

I am so sorry I have been MIA. A lot has gone on in the past couple weeks and I have been doing my best to keep up with the motherhood and mamapreneur madness!

But the most exciting thing happened to me last Sunday.


Best Health Blogger
Thank you!

I was already excited about being nominated into 3 categories – Heath, DIY Beauty and Parenting – so to win any of these awards was just amazing. Much love to The Blogger Union, The South Florida Bloggers, The South Florida Mom Bloggers and founder Paola Mendez for this incredible honor. This means so much to me!

Feminine health is an important topic to me, especially when it comes to mothers. We are so busy caring for everyone else, we tend to neglect self-care and health care.  I hope I can continue to create content that educates, entertains and inspires mothers of all backgrounds to live healthier, happier lives!

Best Health Blogger
My Best Health Blogger Award is so cute!

I want to thank all of you for your support this year and every year! After making the decision 3 years ago to change my blog to a mommy blog, I was nervous about how my readers would react to the switch. I wasn’t sure if anyone would be interested in this new area of topics, or if I would be able to monetize my blog.

It was the best decision I have ever made.

Not only have I been able to stay home and raise my son, but I have connected with so many amazing souls! Now, I get to choose who I want to work with,  create cool events for moms and have the work schedule I have always dreamed of. I have collaborated with so many incredible brands and people this year, and I appreciate each and every one of you for believing my abilities.

Best Health Blogger
My mummy! Not my sister 😛

I especially want to thank my son Nasir for constantly inspiring me and giving my life so much purpose. My boyfriend Fareed for his consistent support me and working with my unpredictable schedule. My Mummy for always helping me with Nasir and making sure we have everything we need. My Daddy for believing in my brand from the very beginning and guiding me through my business mistakes. And my friends: Amber, Feli, Cali, Macie and Jillene for always having my back through all these crazy changes over the years.

My prego buddy, lawyer and business partner Jillene

Much love to you all!

I also want to thank these brands for being the first to really get where I was coming from and taking a chance on me: Disfunkshion Magazine, HSI Professional, Renzo’s Vitamins, HYPE Nail and Cupcake Galleria!


South Florida Mom Bloggers Chapter Officers Nicky and Paula
Thank you guys so much!
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Nicky Dawkins

Nicky is crunchy, DIY mama and established entrepreneur based in sunny Miami, FL. She is the founder of HypeGirls and Werk it Moms LLC. Nicky also launched PERIOD.org's Miami Chapter - PERIOD Miami. She has a love for feminine health and is currently a Doula (DT) under Mama Glow. Nicky holds a Bachelor's Degree in Communications from Florida International University and a Master's of Science Degree in Entertainment Business from Full Sail University. To contact Nicky email her directly via [email protected]

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