How To Lose Baby Weight Like a Mom Boss

Hey Mama! Congratulations! You’ve made it through nine months of crazy body changes, mood swings and bra sizes. But now that you’re no longer pregnant, you may noticed that your baby left you with a little extra weight. Yay….. As if being a new mom is stressful enough right? Having to worry about caring you newborn and how to get rid of those pounds you packed on while pregnant can literally drive you insane. I can relate.

Now if you started out at a normal weight for your body size and only gained the doctor recommended 25-35 pounds, it won’t take you but a couple months to get back to your pre-pregnancy body weight. That’s with proper diet and exercise of course. However, if you started out in your pregnancy overweight, it may take you a lot longer – even over year to get back down to a normal size. Baby weight is the type of weight that likes to stick around, and can be hard to get rid of if you don’t work on it right away. That’s why we put together a few post pregnancy diet tips to help you drop that baby fat before you know it 🙂

Drink mad water

“Drink more water” is probably the number one thing you heard from your caregiver while you were pregnant, and you should keep that habit going long after you give birth. Water can get boring, so switch things up by making infused or detox waters. Not only will it keep you from becoming dehydrated, but water also fills you up so you are less likely to eat as much. That doesn’t mean you should over do it, but it is safe to say that most women are not drinking enough water. The best way to tell if you are getting the right amount of water is by recording how often you need to go to the bathroom and the color of your urine. If you are drinking the right amount of fluids, you go visit the bathroom every 3-4 hours and your pee should be relatively clear.

Breastfeed like it’s nobody’s business

Whether or not breastfeeding helps with weight loss is still up in the air for professionals. But if you ask any mom with experience, she will likely tell you that breastfeeding actually does help the baby weight disappear faster. Of course not every woman is able to breastfeed her child, but if you are able to do it it’s a great way to help you slim back down to size. Nursing exclusively allows you add about an extra 300 plus calories a day to your diet – which is great if you’re having trouble letting go of your favorite high-calorie snacks. Just make sure you don’t use breastfeeding as an excuse to eat whatever you want – you still need to eat heathy if you want to lose the baby weight!

Super eat more superfoods

The majority of your post pregnancy diet should be focused on eating a well-balanced variety of foods – particularly superfoods. Technically there is no official scientific definition of a superfood, but it’s generally accepted that superfoods contain high levels of much-needed vitamins, minerals and anti-oxidants. Fruits like blueberries, avocado and Acai are excellent for helping with weight loss. Veggies like kale, broccoli and spinach are rich in nutrients that your body needs after giving birth. Adding superfood supplements such as chia seed, hemp seed or Maca powder into your favorite smoothie will boost your endurance and provide extra protein power. Keep things interesting and have different low-calorie snacks available for you throughout the day. This will keep you from feeling hungry and give you much needed energy – you just had a baby after all!

Work out with your baby anywhere anytime

Many of us are eager to hit the gym and get back in shape after giving birth. But the truth is, you really don’t need to hit the gym at all. A quick walk with your baby in the stroller can get your heart pumping and burn off a few calories. If you want to add in some strength training, simply lifting your baby is enough! You can use your baby as a weight while you do squats or easy arm lifts to get your muscles working. If you prefer going to your local gym, check and see if they offer any “mommy and me” classes where you can incorporate your baby into your routine. If escaping to the gym is your chance to have some alone time, great! Just make sure you get your doctor or midwife’s approval before any hardcore training, especially if you had a c-section.

Don’t call it a diet, call it a comeback

Half the battle of losing weight after pregnancy is state of mind. Avoid using the word “diet”. In fact, avoid “dieting” period. It will depress you and make you feel like a fatty. The last thing you want is to feel deprived of your favorite foods while you’re already stressed out by your new role as a mommy. This could actually cause you to gain weight, not lose it. The goal is to come back as a better, healthier you – not to diet! You’re doing this not only for yourself, but you’re new baby as well.

Keep in mind every woman is different,  and our bodies handle pregnancy and post-pregnancy differently. Some women will have no trouble getting right back into shape, while others will have to work much harder to get there. Some women find that their metabolism slows down after kids, others say it is the opposite. Whatever you’re situation may be, just remember a healthy diet combined with regular exercise will always be the best way to shed the baby weight!

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